Here's What Earth Looks Like From Space On The Summer Solstice

It's the summer solstice! Today the Northern Hemisphere experiences its longest period of daylight of the year, marking the beginning of summer and an extreme point in Earth's seasonality. The photo above, captured from Earth orbit by EUMETSTAT's Meteosat-9, gives us a clue as to why this, but Ron Miller has the full… » 6/21/14 11:11am 6/21/14 11:11am

A Haunting Photograph of the Fall Equinox From Space

The September equinox occurred this morning at 5:05 am EDT, marking the official start of Fall for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Twice a year, during the latter halves of March and September, every person on Earth experiences the effects of an equinox in the form of a 12-hour day followed by a 12-hour night. » 9/23/11 10:59am 9/23/11 10:59am