Did You Know Meth Has Its Origins In Traditional Eastern Medicine?

Meth's pop cultural relevance, and its prevalent use, might lead you to believe that it is a relatively modern creation. But the notoriously addictive stimulant was first synthesized in the late 1800s, from a plant commonly used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines. » 10/03/14 11:40am 10/03/14 11:40am

How much science does Breaking Bad get right? Way more than you think.

Breaking Bad is almost over. As the end grows nigh, let's take a few minutes to recognize some of the real science that's gone into making it one of the best shows on television. Donna Nelson – University of Oklahoma chemistry professor and Breaking Bad chemistry advisor – will be our guide. » 9/25/13 9:15am 9/25/13 9:15am

A map of state-by-state meth incidents in 2012 — what can we take away?

This is a map of "all meth clandestine laboratory incidents including labs, dumpsites, chem/glass/equipment" in the U.S. in 2012, by state. It was created by the DEA and is freely available on the website of the Department of Justice. Here, in no particular order, are some things we can take away from this map: » 3/08/13 7:40am 3/08/13 7:40am

Are chronic allergy sufferers in danger of being arrested for making…

To combat the rampant manufacture of meth, Iowa passed a bill in 2005 making it one of the first states to place pseudoephedrine behind the counter at pharmacies and placing limits on how much of the drug individuals could purchase. And, in 2010, Iowa joined the national database to track the purchase of… » 2/16/13 10:30am 2/16/13 10:30am

Learn the rules of Walter White's superlab with this Breaking Bad poster

Don't go inside Walter White's superlab until you've familiarized yourself with all the rules and procedures for cooking meth. Fortunately, Kevin Tong's poster outlines the details, including the equipment and dos and don'ts of the lab. » 7/28/12 4:00pm 7/28/12 4:00pm

Woman admits to burning down 3,500-year-old tree while smoking meth

Why is it that so many of nature's most awe-inspiring specimens seem to meet their end under such stupid circumstances? Some of you may recall reading about The Senator in recent weeks. The massive tree — which stood for over 3,500 years in what is now Longwood, Florida — was the oldest pond cypress tree in the world,… » 2/29/12 10:20am 2/29/12 10:20am

The self-portraits of an artist under the influence of meth, PCP, and…

Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders explores the effects of various drugs — legal and illegal — on his self-perception by creating self-portraits while under the influence. This is his face on drugs. » 1/22/11 12:00pm 1/22/11 12:00pm