Did You Know Meth Has Its Origins In Traditional Eastern Medicine?

Meth's pop cultural relevance, and its prevalent use, might lead you to believe that it is a relatively modern creation. But the notoriously addictive stimulant was first synthesized in the late 1800s, from a plant commonly used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines. » 10/03/14 11:40am 10/03/14 11:40am

Are chronic allergy sufferers in danger of being arrested for making…

To combat the rampant manufacture of meth, Iowa passed a bill in 2005 making it one of the first states to place pseudoephedrine behind the counter at pharmacies and placing limits on how much of the drug individuals could purchase. And, in 2010, Iowa joined the national database to track the purchase of… » 2/16/13 10:30am 2/16/13 10:30am

The New Science of Drug Testing: The Sewers Never Lie

Scientists are dipping into city sewers in search of drugs. Why? The same reason people on parole take urine tests instead of surveys. You can always lie on a questionnaire; outwitting your toilet, on the other hand, can be a bit more challenging. » 9/19/12 9:25am 9/19/12 9:25am

Well, Breaking Bad happened in real life

If Breaking Bad's central conceit — that a harried high school chemistry teacher and his former student team up to enter the lucrative world of methamphetamine production — seems too outlandish to you, here's a strange case that demonstrates just how life can mirror art. » 12/04/11 9:40am 12/04/11 9:40am

Meth-addicted snails prove that amphetamines are the ultimate…

Why are scientists getting pond snails hooked on meth? To figure out how addiction works. But they discovered something else: Meth enhances memory. What you learn when high stays with you longer and more clearly than what you learn sober. » 5/27/10 4:00pm 5/27/10 4:00pm