Peter Wingfield answers 11 of your deepest Highlander questions! Peter Wingfield's Methos was probably the most enigmatic and fascinating character in the Highlander TV series. So it's awesome that Wingfield has taken the time to answer 11 of your most pressing Highlander questions. » 9/01/10 10:30am 9/01/10 10:30am

Ask Peter Wingfield your Highlander questions — and win a Katana!

There can be only one fan-favorite character from the Highlander TV series: Methos, played by Peter Wingfield. And now you can ask Wingfield your burning Highlander questions — and win Highlander on Blu-ray, or a replica of Duncan MacLeod's katana! » 7/21/10 12:30pm 7/21/10 12:30pm