Head to the gym to shed pieces of your DNA

Do you ever wish you had the power to control your DNA at will? New research says it's possible. Scientists today published findings revealing that methyl groups — which are usually used to suppress gene activity — can be removed from specific regions of your DNA in a matter of minutes. And all it takes is a little… » 3/06/12 12:14pm 3/06/12 12:14pm

Your spit can reveal how old you are

Your spit can pinpoint your age to within five years, making it by far the most accurate age test yet found. This discovery could help identify how old crime scene suspects are, as well as reveal people's true biological ages. » 6/23/11 4:30pm 6/23/11 4:30pm

Using Quantum Dots To Detect The Early Signs Of Cancer

For a long time, cancer screening has been difficult and invasive. Doctors had to use invasive surgical procedures and unreliable tests. Now, scientists have harvested the power of quantum semiconductors to test for very early signs of cancer. » 8/17/09 3:40pm 8/17/09 3:40pm