New message to aliens could be uploaded to New Horizons spacecraft

Astronomical artist Jon Lomberg — the same guy who helped develop the Voyager Interstellar record back in 1977 — is launching a new initiative to persuade NASA to upload a new message to the New Horizons spacecraft once its mission to Pluto is complete. He's calling it Voyager Record 2.0. » 9/20/13 6:20am 9/20/13 6:20am

This pathetic GIF could be the first message aliens receive from us

As if to further reinforce the stupidity of the recently launched Lone Signal project, this mind-boggingly absurd GIF was just sent on a 17.6 light-year journey to Gliese 526 in hopes that it'll get picked up by an extraterrestrial civilization. Yes, really — this is how we're going to say "hello." » 6/20/13 6:20am 6/20/13 6:20am

New Project to Message Aliens is Both Useless and Potentially Reckless

A group of scientists and entrepreneurs has created the world’s first continuous message beacon to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations. And for a fee, people can use it to transmit their own messages into space. But not everyone thinks this project is a good idea. » 6/12/13 10:23am 6/12/13 10:23am