Russian Underground Stations Look Even More Stunning In Black and White

These photos of Saint Petersburg and Moscow Metro system were taken by Russian photographer Andrey Kruglikov, also known as subwayspecial on Instagram. They highlight the rich architecture that Muscovites see on their daily commutes. » 12/23/14 3:10pm 12/23/14 3:10pm

The Most Mathematically-Efficient Way To Buy Your Metro Cards

Those last few nickels and dimes leftover on your metro card, and the time it takes to add on to it, can really add up. So what's the frugal (and time-crunched) train traveler to do? Mathematics has the answer. [UPDATE] » 9/08/14 1:31pm 9/08/14 1:31pm

The History of Doctor Who as a Tube Map, with a Line for Each Doctor

Crispian Jago represents the Doctor's multi-threaded history as a Tube map, with one transit line for each of the eleven doctors, and the various characters and aliens the Doctor encounters as stops. Daleks are pretty much the ultimate cosmic transfer station. » 8/10/13 7:30am 8/10/13 7:30am

Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous Underground Stations from Around The World

The history of rapid-transit began 150 years ago, with the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in London in 1863. In the next century and a half, dozens of architects and engineers have worked on underground tunnels and stations. Some are abandoned now, but others are as good as new. Here are some of the most… » 5/19/13 3:00pm 5/19/13 3:00pm

A beautifully animated short about a girl, a fox, and the secret world…

Jacob Wyatt's short animation Metro begins with a very mundane problem: a girl having trouble navigating the subway platform. But when a fox steals her metro ticket, she follows it on a chase through the secret world that exists between the subway platform and the surface world, filled with both expected and… » 9/02/12 1:00pm 9/02/12 1:00pm

The Museum of Self-Archaeology takes visitors into an underground world…

Hidden away deep beneath the bustling city of Antwerp is a shadowy, quiet, and forgotten world. Unused for over thirty years, a vast web of interconnected and abandoned metro stations has ceased to exist in its capacity as a means for public transportation, transforming instead into a desolate extension of Antwerp's… » 8/25/11 12:36pm 8/25/11 12:36pm

A subway spelunker's guide to Paris' abandoned Métro stations

The subway doesn't run 24 hours in Paris, but urban exploring in the Métro is nonetheless hazardous. Luckily for us, a group of intrepid urban explorers braved the City of Light's subterranean side and came back with awesome photos. » 12/20/10 1:56pm 12/20/10 1:56pm

The industrial infinity of Kiev's metro tunnels

Urban explorers in Kiev risked a journey into the city's metro, and they discovered stark but glistening subterranean corridors. Just remember it's never a good idea to gallivant around subway tunnels. You have to watch out for incoming trains...and Morlocks. » 10/26/10 7:00am 10/26/10 7:00am

Mutant Bugs Attack Moscow's Subway System

If you're nervous about riding the subway, you may want to steer clear of Alex Andreev's Moscow Underground art series, which fills the Russian subway with giant mutant cockroaches, malevolent metro conductors, and other bits of urban horror. » 9/16/09 5:00pm 9/16/09 5:00pm

Seven Futuristic Urban Tools You'll Find in Today's Cities

The best part about living in a futuristic, metropolitan wonderland are the technologies that make urban living so much smoother. Here are some of our favorite little gadgets and what-nots that modern cities have to offer. » 9/15/09 6:00pm 9/15/09 6:00pm