Eye-Poppingly Gorgeous Underground Stations from Around The World

The history of rapid-transit began 150 years ago, with the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in London in 1863. In the next century and a half, dozens of architects and engineers have worked on underground tunnels and stations. Some are abandoned now, but others are as good as new. Here are some of the most… »5/19/13 6:00pm5/19/13 6:00pm

A beautifully animated short about a girl, a fox, and the secret world between the subway and the surface

Jacob Wyatt's short animation Metro begins with a very mundane problem: a girl having trouble navigating the subway platform. But when a fox steals her metro ticket, she follows it on a chase through the secret world that exists between the subway platform and the surface world, filled with both expected and… »9/02/12 4:00pm9/02/12 4:00pm

The Museum of Self-Archaeology takes visitors into an underground world of abandoned train stations

Hidden away deep beneath the bustling city of Antwerp is a shadowy, quiet, and forgotten world. Unused for over thirty years, a vast web of interconnected and abandoned metro stations has ceased to exist in its capacity as a means for public transportation, transforming instead into a desolate extension of Antwerp's… »8/25/11 3:36pm8/25/11 3:36pm