The Tower For The Dead, a skyscraper cemetery that goes straight down

We've seen concept art for space-saving vertical necropoles and inverted Mexico City skyscrapers before — here's a design that combines the two. » 11/01/11 7:30am 11/01/11 7:30am

The Earthscraper, a 65-story-tall skyscraper buried under Mexico City

This here's concept art for BNKR Arquitectura's Earthscraper, an inverted skyscraper shoved deep under the surface of Mexico City. Click on the above image to see a massive cross-section. » 10/01/11 2:35pm 10/01/11 2:35pm

Giant 800-Year-Old Pyramid Discovered Under Mexico City

Fragments of an enormous pyramid built by ancient Aztecs have been uncovered right in the heart of Mexico City. The finding suggest Aztecs moved into the area nearly a thousand years ago, and makes Mexico City into one seriously ancient urban development. » 12/28/07 7:30am 12/28/07 7:30am