Scott Pilgrim's 7 evil exes line up to save summer movies

Seven gorgeous new character posters from Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim shows off each one of the evil exes that Michael Cera must fight. And damn, do they look good. Jason Schwartzman is a smashing as Gideon Graves. » 6/14/10 8:00am 6/14/10 8:00am

Learn Who Not To Expect In Lost's Final Season

According to co-creator Damon Lindelof, you shouldn't expect everything to be explained in the final season of ABC's Lost. In fact, some mysterious characters may be missing entirely from the last set of episodes. Spoilers! » 10/24/09 9:00am 10/24/09 9:00am


Hello all. It's been a while. After traveling, family visits, technical difficulties, and paid work I am finally glad to bring you a new video, and this ain't no trailer.

» 8/16/09 10:00am 8/16/09 10:00am

Bay Swaps Robots For Angst-Ridden Aliens In Number Four

With Transformers fast on its way to becoming almost as big as The Dark Knight, Michael Bay and Dreamworks have already announced their next project together... and it doesn't involve robots, in disguise or otherwise. » 6/27/09 7:00am 6/27/09 7:00am

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus Actress Debbie Gibson Hints At Sequel:…

Yes, yes that Debbie Gibson, from "Lost in Your Eyes," is teasing us with the possibility of a sequel to Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus. "I haven't seen the final edit, but we did do a version that leaves the door open for a potential sequel," Gibson revealed to MTV. "Because God knows what else is in the ocean. I… » 5/13/09 4:46pm 5/13/09 4:46pm

The Bayhem Has Wrapped On Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

According the Michael Bay's blog Transformers 2 » 11/06/08 9:30am 11/06/08 9:30am is a wrap. Over at Bay's official blog the news is that "As of this week, principal photography for has ended." Now the hard part, actually making transforming robots and editing out Shia LaBeoufs "no, no no, no, no" stutters, we wish you awesomeness. []

Everything You Need to Know About "Lost: Missing Pieces" Mobisodes

Lost finally returns to the airwaves tomorrow night, and ABC has been making the wait even more agonizing by dribbling out some filler material in the form of mobisodes called Lost: Missing Pieces. These 2-3 minute scenes have been running for several weeks now, and they're meant to fill in some of the holes and to… » 1/30/08 1:30pm 1/30/08 1:30pm