Michael Arndt's scrapped Star Wars story was about Luke and Han's kids

When Michael Arndt was replaced as the writer of Star Wars: Episode VII last fall, we were told it had to do with timing concerns. But according to a new report in the Hollywood Reporter, the real reason was a disagreement over who the film should be about: Luke, Leia and Han, or the next generation. »1/12/14 2:00pm1/12/14 2:00pm


One Full Hour of Proof that the Star Wars Episode VII Screenwriter Knows What He's Doing

We're all verrrry curious about how Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt will handle his job writing the script for the somewhat anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII. Happily, Movies.com has dug up the video of an hour-long talk Arndt gave in 2007, discussing his screenwriting process for Little Miss Sunshine »12/26/12 7:00pm12/26/12 7:00pm