Could a new Star Trek TV show about Worf actually happen?

There have been tons of ideas batted around for a new Star Trek show, including Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer collaborating on a show tying in with the J.J. Abrams films. But apparently one idea has gotten as far as actual discussions: a show about Worf, the Klingon who appeared in TNG and DS9. » 8/21/13 2:09pm 8/21/13 2:09pm

Michael Dorn wants to write and star in a low-budget Star Trek movie

Have we seen the last of Worf? Not if Michael Dorn gets his way. The Star Trek: The Next Generation star wants to make a brand new low-budget movie, either direct to DVD or for cable TV. He's writing it himself — he's already started — and he thinks it could go alongside the big budget J.J. Abrams movies without… » 5/29/12 3:30pm 5/29/12 3:30pm