Person Of Interest's Creators Explain Why A.I. Could Be The New A-Bomb

Person of Interest returns tonight with an even scarier look at ubiquitous surveillance than before. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Dave Maass is fascinated by the show's themes — so he seized the chance to interview the creators and stars. And they told him why we should be very afraid. » 9/23/14 3:20pm 9/23/14 3:20pm

Vigilante justice with a billion-dollar supercomputer: the cast of…

"A good Ben Linus battles evil with kung-fu Jesus and PreCrime." Such is the high concept distillation of CBS' new fall drama Person of Interest, but the show's stars were happy to explain this high-tech show's nuances at Comic-Con. We've seen the trailer, now check out what the cast had to say. » 7/24/11 3:15pm 7/24/11 3:15pm