Person Of Interest's Creators Explain Why A.I. Could Be The New A-Bomb

Person of Interest returns tonight with an even scarier look at ubiquitous surveillance than before. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Dave Maass is fascinated by the show's themes — so he seized the chance to interview the creators and stars. And they told him why we should be very afraid. » 9/23/14 3:20pm 9/23/14 3:20pm

New Person of Interest trailer shows off hobo Jesus' mad karate skills

Ben Linus and Jesus are kicking ass — and already knowing the names — as a couple of crime-fighting precogs in this amazing new trailer for Person of Interest. Which is introduced by the cast of Big Bang Theory, because nerds love this Batman shit. » 9/12/11 12:39pm 9/12/11 12:39pm

Vigilante justice with a billion-dollar supercomputer: the cast of…

"A good Ben Linus battles evil with kung-fu Jesus and PreCrime." Such is the high concept distillation of CBS' new fall drama Person of Interest, but the show's stars were happy to explain this high-tech show's nuances at Comic-Con. We've seen the trailer, now check out what the cast had to say. » 7/24/11 3:15pm 7/24/11 3:15pm

New DVD extras reveal why Lost's showrunner thought it might be too…

The Lost season six DVD box set doesn't come out for another week, but the blooper-reel and snippets from the special features are out now. Watch actors try to keep track of their intrigues, plus the pilot's worryingly "cheesy" moment. » 8/16/10 4:30pm 8/16/10 4:30pm

The last Lost spoilers you'll ever read (or not, if you want to stay…

The Lost season six DVD includes a new 12-minute segment that promises to answer some more questions and tie up some loose ends. Does it deliver the goods? A detailed synopsis of it has popped up online. Spoilers definitely ahead... » 7/27/10 3:30pm 7/27/10 3:30pm

There's still 12 minutes of new Lost left to see, starring Ben Linus…

You thought you were at last finished with Lost...but Lost isn't yet done with you. The upcoming sixth season and complete series DVDs will feature an all-new, 12 minute vignette featuring Ben and Hurley. And yes, it will answer questions! » 7/18/10 8:00am 7/18/10 8:00am

How to find a Lost party in your hometown - and what to do when you…

You've baked your famed asiago-jalapeno fish biscuits, filled your iTunes with Drive Shaft's greatest hits, and hidden your heroin in your grandma's Virgin Mary statue. It's Lost finale party time! Post meet-ups for io9ers here! Also, the finale drinking game! » 5/19/10 5:30pm 5/19/10 5:30pm

Please Don't Redeem Ben! We're Begging You.

Lost's Benjamin Linus has hit rock bottom, both morally and psychologically. So now is he going to have a miraculous transformation into the Island's noblest character? Please, no. Just no. Spoilers for last night's Lost ahead. » 3/10/10 2:33pm 3/10/10 2:33pm

Emerson Explains Why Ben Is Such A Punching Bag

With Lost's season finale airing next Wednesday, Ben in a position he's never been in before: the underdog. Surely Ben has some tricks up his sleeve? We asked Michael Emerson what to expect. With spoilers! » 5/08/09 2:29pm 5/08/09 2:29pm