Michael Emerson Doesn’t Expect Person of Interest To Have a Happy Ending

Person of Interest has been getting darker and darker as the show delves deeper into its premise about artificial intelligence. And even though we want these tortured heroes to find happiness in the end, star Michael Emerson tells io9 it’s probably not going to happen. He also told us what to expect in season five. »8/26/15 2:43pm8/26/15 2:43pm


Person Of Interest's Creators Explain Why A.I. Could Be The New A-Bomb

Person of Interest returns tonight with an even scarier look at ubiquitous surveillance than before. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Dave Maass is fascinated by the show's themes — so he seized the chance to interview the creators and stars. And they told him why we should be very afraid. »9/23/14 6:20pm9/23/14 6:20pm

Vigilante justice with a billion-dollar supercomputer: the cast of "Person of Interest" tease their new fall thriller

"A good Ben Linus battles evil with kung-fu Jesus and PreCrime." Such is the high concept distillation of CBS' new fall drama Person of Interest, but the show's stars were happy to explain this high-tech show's nuances at Comic-Con. We've seen the trailer, now check out what the cast had to say. »7/24/11 6:15pm7/24/11 6:15pm