Under The Skin's Alien Seduction Will Get You Where It Hurts

There are few movies as creepy as Under The Skin, the movie featuring Scarlett Johansson as an alien who drives a van around Scotland picking up men. The whole thing is skin-crawling: her patter as she tries to coax men to come with her, her blank stare in the face of horrors, the dispassionate camerawork. It's… » 4/04/14 1:53pm 4/04/14 1:53pm

First Under the Skin Teaser: Scarlett Johansson as a Seductive Alien

We've been obsessed with Jonathan Glazer's film Under the Skin since we saw the first set photos a couple years ago. Now, at last, here's the first footage from this movie where Scarlett Johansson plays Isserley, an alien who picks up male hitchhikers using her "voracious sexuality." » 9/02/13 1:28pm 9/02/13 1:28pm