All the things that make us nervous (and excited) in the new RoboCop

Yesterday we saw the trailer for José Padilha brand new RoboCop Reboot. And it made us feel a lot of things. Some excitement, but mostly dread. Here are the moments that got us the most worked up in the new RoboCop reboot trailer. » 9/06/13 2:17pm 9/06/13 2:17pm

Batman Spreads His Legs And Reproduces

A weird old guy gets Michael Keaton into a gown and tells him to put his feet in the stirrups, in the only science fictional sequence from 1996's Multiplicity. Then the machines whir and a lumpy body starts to form, slowly solidifying into a perfect adult clone of Keaton, with all his memories. It's a weirdly… » 2/06/08 12:27pm 2/06/08 12:27pm