Author and Lovecraft biographer Michel Houellebecq has gone missing

Michel Houellebecq, whose novels deal with themes like sado-masochism, molecular biology and cloning, has gone missing according to his publisher. Houellebecq, who also wrote a biography of H.P. Lovecraft, was scheduled to appear for a reading tour in the Netherlands and Belgium, but he never showed up. » 9/14/11 9:41am 9/14/11 9:41am

Posthumans Go Hollywood! (Maybe.)

Are we finally going to get a posthuman mass culture? With movies like Surrogates and Avatar hitting theaters later this year, it may be now or never. » 2/09/09 3:06pm 2/09/09 3:06pm

Great Literary Novel Becomes A Slapstick Bikini Movie

When the "bad boy of French literature" made a movie of his ground-breaking novel about cloning, cults and the end of the world, he probably wasn't hoping for comparisons to Benny Hill or critics bursting out laughing during his first showing. Novelist and H.P. Lovecraft critic » 8/13/08 10:20am 8/13/08 10:20am Michel Houellebecq was so offended by…