Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel gets a title, and some insane new…

Earlier this month a rumor was floating around that Ridley Scott's Alien prequel was getting pushed back to 2013 — not any more! A new report busts this rumor, reveals the official movie title, and spills new character details. » 12/08/10 3:20pm 12/08/10 3:20pm

Finally, A Dystopia Grim Enough For Vin Diesel

Here's the first teaser trailer for August's Babylon A.D., the troubled Vin Diesel future dystopia movie based on a French graphic novel. It looks as pretty as you'd expect from director Matthieu Kassovitz (Gothika), and the scenes of Russia and China sliding into chaos look alarmingly lifelike. Plus, Vin Diesel is… » 5/01/08 12:00pm 5/01/08 12:00pm