Vintage Disneyland character costumes were the fabric of nightmares

There's something immensely jarring about pictures of retro Disneyland character costumes. Between the blank soulless eyes, rumpled fabric, and yellowing photographs, every one of these snapshots would not be out of place in a scrapbook bound with human bones. The park looks not unlike the underworld for fursuit… »5/21/12 4:45pm5/21/12 4:45pm

Mickey Mouse and Pluto get the Frank Frazetta treatment

If fantasy artist Frank Frazetta had ever worked for Disney, perhaps we would have seen Mickey Mouse on a distant sand and sandals world plagued by ferocious monsters. This Frazetta-inspired painting gives us a glimpse of the Micky fantasy adventure that never was, but ignores one important question: What would Minnie… »12/31/11 12:35pm12/31/11 12:35pm