New study is very bad news for arsenic-based life

In late 2010, NASA scientists announced the discovery of microbes in California's Mono Lake that used arsenic instead of phosphorus in their DNA. The study quickly came under intense criticism — and now we may be about to refute it entirely. » 1/23/12 9:36am 1/23/12 9:36am

The Case Strengthens That Humans Actually Are from a Distant Planet

Life on Earth might actually be Martian — or Europan, or Titanese. Or maybe our ancestors came from outside our solar system, flung up from a distant planet (perhaps Caprica?) billions of years ago and migrated to Earth. It all sounds far-fetched, but new research suggests microbes can survive an asteroid impact big… » 5/21/08 9:35am 5/21/08 9:35am