Back When the Victorians Used Microscopic Photography to Look at Porn

Soon after the popularization of photography in the mid-nineteenth century, people started experimenting with gimmicks like microphotography. There was a brief but huge craze for these tiny images that could only be seen using a special microscope lens. It was perfect for sharing porn in a repressive age. »12/05/14 4:56pm12/05/14 4:56pm


Check out these spectacularly beautiful images of the ocean’s smallest, weirdest creatures

Planet Magazine has published a stunning gallery of some recently discovered sea-based microorganisms. These images of the wondrously bizarre phytoplankton and zooplankton were taken by researchers aboard the Tara Oceans, a ship that only recently returned from its two-and-half-year journey. »7/10/12 3:11pm7/10/12 3:11pm

Artist uses NASA technology to capture the cosmic beauty of flowers in extreme detail

Flowers look like solar flares and stellar eruptions when you photograph them in intense detail, using techniques developed by NASA for imaging the surface of Mars. Photographer David Leaser developed a new process, based on NASA's tech among other things, which he uses to capture the unsettling beauty of flowers up… »2/10/11 11:30am2/10/11 11:30am