How 17th Century Artists Helped Make the Microscopic World Visible

Science fans love to nerd-gas when it comes to popular culture. Witness the countless recent articles analyzing the science versus the storytelling of The Martian. That tension between accuracy and artistic license is not unique to modern society. It’s been present throughout history, including depictions of the… »10/13/15 7:20pm10/13/15 7:20pm


These spectacular images show why they call it the ‘OMG’ microscope

Back in 2011, GE unveiled DeltaVision OMX Blaze, a state-of-the art microscope that uses a combination of optics and powerful computer algorithms. Using a technique called 3D structured illumination microscopy (SIM), OMX can see objects as small as 100 nanometers across and more than doubles the resolution in all… »3/26/13 5:14pm3/26/13 5:14pm

Was Robert Hooke really the greatest asshole in the history of science?

Robert Hooke discovered the cell, established experimentation as crucial to scientific research, and did pioneering work in optics, gravitation, paleontology, architecture, and more. Yet history dismissed and forgot him... all because he pissed off Isaac Newton, probably the most revered scientist who ever lived. »1/27/12 10:00am1/27/12 10:00am