The First Person Who Ever Saw Sperm Cells Collected Them From His Wife

It’s a bright day in 1677, in the city of Delft, and Antonie van Leeuwenhoek is making love to his wife. But moments after he shudders with orgasm, he hurries out of bed to grab his microscope. After all, he’s not just spending time with his wife: he’s running an important scientific experiment at the request of the… »6/01/15 5:40pm6/01/15 5:40pm

Microscope Image Or Alien Planet -- Can You Tell The Difference?

We're discovering amazing new worlds all the time. In space, we're finally getting clear images of the surfaces of other planets; and in the microscopic world around us, we're seeing startling visions of strange creatures and uncanny landscapes. But can you tell the difference between microscope photos and exoplanet… »5/19/14 6:00pm5/19/14 6:00pm