This goofy scene from A Knight's Tale recreates history far better than a documentary could

When A Knight's Tale came out in 2001, critics snarked about how director Brian Helgeland used contemporary rock music in a medieval jousting flick. But this opening scene, with peasants dancing to Queen at a jousting match, is one of the greatest examples of historical recreation you'll ever see. »3/15/13 4:17pm3/15/13 4:17pm

Medieval monks complained about their jobs in the margins of ancient manuscripts

Medieval monks were the bored data entry workers of their day, spending hours copying manuscripts in uncomfortable chairs and cold rooms. To keep themselves entertained, they often made little doodles or silly comments in the margins of manuscripts they were copying. In the new issue of Lapham's Quarterly, author … »3/23/12 4:52pm3/23/12 4:52pm