Jinx brings moral ambiguity to the worlds of Middle Grade fantasy

The Urwald could be the dark forest of any fairytale — provided that dark forest is filled with ogres, murderous trees, trolls, witches who travel by butter churn, firebirds, dragons, and weres (wolves, bears and chipmunks). In Sage Blackwood's thrilling new middle grade novel Jinx, nothing is ever quite as simple as… »5/06/13 8:33pm5/06/13 8:33pm


The Different Girl is a classic children's fable, on a par with The Giver

There are some books that make you want to pass out copies to strangers, just to have someone to talk to them about. More than anything, I want to get a group of book loving, curious 11-year-olds together and pass out copies of The Different Girl. Yes, Gordon Dahlquist’s middle grade novel has me willing to go back… »3/22/13 2:40pm3/22/13 2:40pm