Bliss out with this 12-minute music video set to Iceland's midnight sun

For the music video for their new 12-minute track "Legend," Japanese instrumental quartet MONO turned to director Henry Jun Wah Lee and the spectral terrain of Iceland, which recently provided the backdrop to Prometheus and Game of Thrones. You know the drill by now — full screen, high definition, and let your mind… »8/03/12 7:35pm8/03/12 7:35pm


What's Next on TV? The Lowdown on 6 Pilots Now Filming

Is genre television an endangered species? Terra Nova's canceled, and some other network science fiction shows are reportedly on the firing line. So it might seem like next fall will be a wasteland — but don't fear. Besides NBC's Beautiful People, which we told you about a while back, there several other science… »3/08/12 3:53pm3/08/12 3:53pm