These Are the Most Extreme Migrations in the Animal Kingdom

Migrations occur in every major branch of the animal kingdom, from birds and crustaceans to insects and whales. But some of these journeys are amazing feats of endurance, spanning thousands of miles and deadly terrain without rest. Here's what science can tell us about the most extreme migrations, and how animals… »10/03/13 2:00pm10/03/13 2:00pm

Migaloo, perhaps the world's only white humpback whale, has been spotted off the coast of Australia!

Everyone, say hello to Migaloo. That's what people call the white humpback whale pictured up top. When he was first spotted back in 1991, Migaloo (which is Aboriginal for "white fella") was the first all-white humpback researchers had ever seen. (And according to his website, he remains the only documented white… »9/28/12 9:40am9/28/12 9:40am

A snowy owl makes the trip from the Arctic to Hawaii, where it is promptly shot

Every few years, beautiful two-foot-tall snowy owls migrate south in impressive numbers from the Arctic, in what bird watchers call an "irruption." But this year, the regal-looking birds (which belong to the same species as Harry Potter's Hedwig) are showing up farther south and in greater numbers than ever before. »1/24/12 3:49pm1/24/12 3:49pm

Computer simulation reveals why it's hard to export democracy to the world

Why are so many societies based on hierarchy rather than egalitarian values, despite the fact that evidence suggests ancient human communities were often fairly egalitarian? Stanford researchers wanted to find out. So they designed a computer simulation that compared two basic types of societies: egalitarian ones, in… »9/29/11 11:00am9/29/11 11:00am