An Inside Look At The "Lost" Batman 66 Episode, Featuring Bane!

Just last month it was announced that Bane will be appearing in the Batman 66 comic book—see image above with art by Michael Allred. But what if Bane had actually appeared in the TV show? Will Brooker, the Batman expert and author of Batman Unmasked, imagines if Orson Welles had played Bane in 1966.… » 7/08/15 2:00pm 7/08/15 2:00pm

Luke Skywalker Owns The Classic Releases Of This Week's Comics

Do you happen to have a fetish for Luke Skywalker? Or perhaps your name is Mark Hamill? (Not that that means that you don't » 9/23/08 9:00am 9/23/08 9:00am have a fetish for Luke Skywalker, let's be honest.) Then this is definitely your lucky week in terms of comics haul. For the rest of us, it's all Savage Worlds, reissues of classic works, and…