Mike Mignola's Favorite Artwork From Hellboy's Last 20 Years

On Saturday, March 22nd, Mike Mignola's Hellboy will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of his first comic with celebratory events in comic stores around the world and a massive collection of Mignola's artwork, titled Hellboy: The First 20 Years. We asked the artist to pick his favorite 10 pieces, and… » 3/21/14 1:00pm 3/21/14 1:00pm

Hellboy's on a one-way trip to Hell, and Mike Mignola's our tour guide

As you may have heard through the grapevine, Hellboy experienced a mortality deficit last year and is currently stuck in his, ahem, "ancestral homeland." The upcoming comic series Hellboy in Hell will detail Hellboy's journey to the underworld, and his creator Mike Mignola will be along for the ride. » 5/09/12 2:20pm 5/09/12 2:20pm

Mike Mignola tells us Hellboy's big plans for 2012

io9 recently had the chance to catch up with the one and only Mike Mignola and get the scoop on all things Hellboy. The prolific comic creator told us the secrets of Big Red's wrestling match with Frankenstein's Monster, why he can't watch The Amazing Screw-On Head TV show, and what to expect from 2012's big Hellboy… » 12/26/11 2:35pm 12/26/11 2:35pm

The tale of Tr!ckster, the cocktail lounge by Comic-Con where you can…

If you happen to be at Comic-Con, you may have noticed a groovy little lounge across the street named Tr!ckster. Indeed, some of the comic industry's finest talent like Paul Pope and Bill Sienkiewicz have been dropping by for some respite from the crowds. We talked with Tr!ckster co-founder Scott Morse about the… » 7/23/11 11:25am 7/23/11 11:25am

Visionary Comic Creators Share Secret Origins

As expected, if you bring seven of comics' most talented and most outspoken creators together on a panel and just ask them about... well, anything and everything about comic books, you'll end up with an amusing and educational way to spend an hour... But also one that's impossible to summarize. That's why, under the… » 7/24/08 5:00pm 7/24/08 5:00pm