The "Naked Miley Cyrus in Space" Music Video You Didn't Know You Wanted

Miley Cyrus is some sort of naked alien in the glittery, emo music video for Future's new song "Real and True." I'm not sure what's supposed to be happening here, but it looks like Miley's sheer levels of body glitter are too much for the space crew that finds her on a planet, and their ship nearly bursts into a… » 11/11/13 4:07pm 11/11/13 4:07pm

Miley Cyrus Teaches The World Sciencey Stuff

From now on, I'm getting my science from teen pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Do you get confused about global warming and going green? So does Miley. So she's singing about her confusion in her new album Breakout » 8/27/08 10:45am 8/27/08 10:45am, in a song called "Wake Up America." So OMG you guys, drink some Starbucks, and totes save the planet. I've…