The Incredible Tale of World War II's Single Deadliest Homefront Disaster 


Chances are you’ve never heard of the Port Chicago disaster. Yet it was the worst catastrophe on the US home front during World War II. It was the single deadliest incident on the mainland during the war, and remains one of the worst calamities to ever hit the San Francisco Bay Area. »11/19/15 12:40pm11/19/15 12:40pm


Diary of Soviet Ambassador to London Rewrites History of World War II

From 1932 to 1943, the Soviet ambassador to London kept a personal diary, the details of which were only recently revealed. It tells the exceptional story of a diplomat who tried to harmonize Soviet and British interests, while also demonstrating how events could have unfolded very differently. »9/10/15 9:45am9/10/15 9:45am

The Army Surgeon Who Jumped Out of a Plane at 40,000 Feet—For Science!

Sometimes progress requires huge risks. Just ask William Randolph “Randy” Lovelace II, who wanted to prove that an oxygen mask could protect pilots from blacking out at high altitudes when they bailed out of their planes. See his story for yourself, in this Fusion video which we’re premiering exclusively at io9. »8/06/15 12:32pm8/06/15 12:32pm

How The Sinking Of The Lusitania Heralded An Entirely New Kind Of War

A century ago today, the world’s most famous luxury liner, the Lusitania, was sunk by a German U-boat. It was a shocking incident, one that signaled a disturbing change in how the war was to be fought. It also set the U.S. on a path that would eventually lead it to war. Here’s what happened on that fateful day in May. »5/07/15 12:00pm5/07/15 12:00pm

How The Most Daring Plan Of WWI Turned Into A Military Disaster

This coming Sunday marks the centenary of one of WWI’s most infamous campaigns: Gallipoli. It was an audacious attempt by the Entente to break the European deadlock with a master stroke. Instead, it quickly turned into a hellish ordeal and a resounding defeat. Here’s why Gallipoli seemed like a good idea at the time… »4/20/15 2:10pm4/20/15 2:10pm

Wrecks From WWII Convoy Battle Discovered Off North Carolina Coast

Researchers from the NOAA have discovered two sunken vessels from a Second World War convoy battle about 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina. The German U-boat 576 and a merchant ship, Bluefields, were found just a few hundred yards apart. The find shows just how close the war came to American shores. »10/22/14 12:40pm10/22/14 12:40pm

The Secret German Scheme To Invade America Before The First World War

Nearly two decades before the onset of World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II set his imperialistic sights on the Americas. But to establish a presence there, Germany would have to put the U.S. in its place. To that end, it devised not one, but three plans to attack and invade America. Here's how history could have unfolded… »8/29/14 12:00pm8/29/14 12:00pm