George R.R. Martin's Other Fantasy Stories Are Getting A Movie

Three of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin's fantasy short stories will be coming to the big screen as a single movie titled In the Lost Lands. Milla Jovovich is in talks to star in the female-centric fantasy adventure, which will be directed by the Germany-born Constantin Werner. » 2/02/15 12:40pm 2/02/15 12:40pm

Resident Evil 6 Brings Back Two Classic Characters, Plus Dead People

When will the devil release Milla Jovovich from their pact? Apparently not until after 10,000 Resident Evil movies have been made. But that's OK, because Resident Evil: Apocalypse is the best one. » 4/22/14 4:27pm 4/22/14 4:27pm

Resident Evil 6 gets a release date, this is why we can't have nice…

As long as there is blood flowing in Milla Jovovich's trigger fingers, there will be more Resident Evil movies. Shock Til You Drop is reporting that a sixth Resident Evil movie is in the works and will be released on September 12th, 2014. » 3/05/13 7:55am 3/05/13 7:55am

Resident Evil: Retribution: Your Punishment for Loving Action Movies

There is no such thing as a good action movie. If you've ever enjoyed simulated violence on screen, then you're a moron and probably someone whose kink is not okay. That's the message I took away from the fifth Resident Evil movie, which seems to be a concerted attempt to make an action movie so terrible, it will make… » 9/14/12 9:00am 9/14/12 9:00am

Paul W.S. Anderson explains why Resident Evil: Retribution zombies can…

Believe it or not, the undead in Resident Evil: Retribution can shoot guns and ride motorcycles now, which — if you haven't been following the games — is a big step forward in the evolution of zombies for this franchise. We spoke with Retribution director and Resident Evil head honcho Paul W.S. Anderson about his… » 9/12/12 12:35pm 9/12/12 12:35pm

Incredibly Lovely: Milla Jovovich marches with Jenny Holtzer slogans in…

We haven't seen Resident Evil 5 yet, but there's a strong chance these new photos from Vogue Italia are the most interesting thing we're seeing Milla Jovovich in this week. In the photoshoot by Peter Lindbergh, it's some kind of dystopian future, and Jovovich is a protester sporting Jenny Holtzer propaganda signs.… » 9/10/12 2:00pm 9/10/12 2:00pm

Paul W.S. Anderson's Secret for Making an All-Female Action Movie…

How does an action movie that follows a woman in gun garters and a dress walk the line of sexy versus exploitative, without going full-on Sucker Punch? » 3/21/12 1:52pm 3/21/12 1:52pm

Here are all the crazy ways Alice kills the undead in Resident Evil's…

The fifth Resident Evil movie, Retribution, is out this fall. As we saw in a WonderCon sneak peek, the years haven't dulled star Milla Jovovich's ability to kick major zombie ass. Alice is coming up with all new ways to destroy the undead. » 3/17/12 7:24pm 3/17/12 7:24pm

Watch Milla Jovovich suffer from "face blindness" in her new thriller

Poor Milla Jovovich, she hit her head and can no longer remember the faces (just the faces) of everyone around her. Which stinks, because she JUST saw the face of a serial killer. Watch the trailer for the ridiculous thriller Faces in the Crowd and learn all about prosopagnosia, aka "face blindness." » 8/16/11 6:30am 8/16/11 6:30am

3 new Resident Evil: Afterlife clips make good use of their new 3D…

Resident Evil's latest T-virus-soaked film is has released three new clips, that demonstrate what happens when a director like Paul W.S. Anderson is given a 3D camera. Watch 1,000 different ways to throw exploding shit at the screen. » 8/26/10 6:30am 8/26/10 6:30am

Resident Evil trailer shows Umbrella Corp's next horrific experiment

Die hard Resident Evil fans all want to know what happened in Alaska. Did Alice ever make it? What about Claire? The latest Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer answers these questions — and reveals a few new Umbrella Corp horrors. » 6/14/10 5:40pm 6/14/10 5:40pm

Guess who else is coming back for Resident Evil: Afterlife?

We already know a few Resident Evil alumni cast members will be popping by to kick some Umbrella Corp. ass, hopefully in a tiny tank top as the trailer suggests. But new images and twitter posts reveal more! » 6/01/10 10:00am 6/01/10 10:00am

6 Stars Who Could Be The Next Female Action Hero

Who will be the big screen's next Sigourney Weaver? We've had a few years now without any great action movies starring women, but 2010 could be the year this changes. Here are six picks for the action heroines of tomorrow. » 4/20/10 5:21pm 4/20/10 5:21pm

How Many Millas Can You Handle?

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, you're going to get as much Milla Jovovich as you could ever want: There will be an entire army of cloned superbeings called Alice, and according to the actress, they will all have different personalities. » 4/07/10 1:30pm 4/07/10 1:30pm

First Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer Brings Back A Few Familiar…

Milla Jovovich is back and kicking ass as Alice, along with a few old friends like Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), the K-Mart girl, a few Alice clones and the big bad Umbrella Corp villain Albert Wesker. Check out the action. » 4/03/10 4:00pm 4/03/10 4:00pm

First Resident Evil: Afterlife Stills Go Deep Inside The Umbrella Corp

Milla Jovovich is back in black, as Resident Evil's T-Virus-slaying Alice. The first pictures from Resident Evil: Afterlife are filled with contaminated bodies, guns, some old friends and Alice's thigh holsters. Bring it on, lady. » 4/01/10 7:00am 4/01/10 7:00am

First Look At Alice On Set For Resident Evil: Afterlife

Finally, here's our first good look at everyone's favorite Umbrella Corp resistance leader, Alice. Take a peek at Milla Jovovich and the cast of the next Resident Evil film, looking bad as hell. Plus on-set reports from Milla herself. Spoilers... » 11/06/09 6:30am 11/06/09 6:30am

Is Milla Jovovich's Alien Problem Real Or Fake?

Alien abduction movie The Fourth Kind builds on several strange sleeping disturbances in Alaska, all involving an owl, and maybe an alien. The film mixes "documentary footage" with reenacted bits. Will you buy the hype? Check out our first clips. » 10/26/09 8:00am 10/26/09 8:00am

Resident Evil's Alice's Heads To Infected Hollywood For Bloody Revenge

Last we heard about the next Resident Evil movie, Milla Jovovich was going to team up with Wentworth Miller inside an infected prison, but now the official synopsis is out. And Paul W.S. Anderson is back in the director's chair. » 10/09/09 12:45pm 10/09/09 12:45pm