How Coraline's Designers Created an Entire World from Thread and Buttons

Neil Gaiman's movie adaptation of novel Coraline »11/20/08 11:00am11/20/08 11:00am, about a young girl who finds a parallel universe inside her own home, has an amazing behind-the-scenes story. In these clips, you'll discover how the crafty designers used stop motion to create a beautiful orchard filled with cherry blossoms made of popcorn. You'll…

Cthugrosh and the Lords of Cthul Are Pure Evil in Sculpted Plastic

Of all the monster factions in the upcoming miniatures game Monsterpocalypse, the Lords of Cthul are the evilest. In the words of designer Eric Yaple, "Fueled by the worship of their cultists, these fiends seek to draw life from the Earth as a starving man sucks the marrow from a bone." We've got inside info on… »6/04/08 11:00am6/04/08 11:00am

Cyber Ninjas and Slutty Catgirls Vie for Galactic Domination

Seven economic and religious factions are locked in a struggle to control exploitable planetary systems in Infinity, a sci-fi miniatures game packed with skirmish-level battles nearly 200 years in the future. The unit types include a little bit of everything: mutant animals, heavily armed mercenaries, miniskirted… »4/15/08 11:00am4/15/08 11:00am