Kick-Ass Knows Superhero Fans Are Masochists

The superheroes in Kick-Ass don't have super-powers or fantastical technology, but they're not regular people. They're psychopaths, severely damaged and mentally shredded. The same, Kick-Ass suggests, goes for the whole superhero genre and those who love it. Minor spoilers below. » 4/16/10 9:00am 4/16/10 9:00am

Who Names The Watchmen?

Wondering why the new trailer for Watchmen » 11/14/08 1:40pm 11/14/08 1:40pm seems to include characters calling the superheroes "the Watchmen"? The original comic stayed away from the word, except for the ominous graffiti that gave the series its title, so is this more squidtastic evidence of the movie moving away from the source material, or just…

TV This Week: Doctor Who, Ben 10 And Smallville

There's actually a lot of great science fiction TV coming up — unfortunately, it's almost all at the end of the week. Doctor Who returns to the Sci Fi Channel, Ben 10 starts a new series with a more grown-up hero, and Smallville comes back from hiatus with an episode that will change everything. (Or at least some… » 4/14/08 9:00am 4/14/08 9:00am