First Impressions: Intruders Is So, So Weird

On Friday night, BBC America screened the first episode of its upcoming series Intruders, starring John Simm, Mira Sorvino, and James Frain. It was bananas. Creepy bananas. Here are our spoiler-free first impressions. » 7/26/14 12:00am 7/26/14 12:00am

Falling Skies's Villain Conference Is Today's Most Wonderful Cheesefest

They don't make villain conferences like this any more. One of the interchangeable aliens from this season of Falling Skies grabs a lump of coal and scrunches it into a red diamond, so he can have a teleconference with another alien, in a burning hellscape lifted from a Mortal Kombat game. » 7/14/14 5:36pm 7/14/14 5:36pm

Intruders Gets A Release Date And A Creep-tastic New Trailer

Our first couple glimpses of Intruders, BBC America's new series about a secret society that seeks to attain immortality by possessing other people's bodies, were seriously spooky. This new, extended trailer continues the trend. Oh – and the show now has an official release date! » 6/21/14 10:50am 6/21/14 10:50am