This marvelous student film is as polished as a feature cartoon

Iker Maidagan and Dana Terrace created Mirage as their School of Visual Arts thesis film, but it could easily be mistaken for a studio-produced short. A young Inuit boy and his dog go fishing and stumble on an unexpected bit of magic. » 6/15/13 2:00pm 6/15/13 2:00pm

The New Mutants, the X-Men's sister squad, get snazzy new wardrobes

We've seen the core X-Men team receive new styles as of late (1, 2). Now their erstwhile farm team, the New Mutants, are boasting similarly sleek makeovers, courtesy of concept artist Daniel Govar and superhero costume design site Project Rooftop. Check out his takes on Warlock, Sunspot, and your other favorite mutant… » 1/16/12 4:15pm 1/16/12 4:15pm

What created the illusion of two Suns setting over China?

A recently released video shows what seems to be two suns setting in China. This strange, otherworldly sight could just be a hoax, but similar optical illusions have been seen before. The only problem is we still haven't explained them. » 3/06/11 3:00pm 3/06/11 3:00pm

Gorgeous Short Film About a Bio-Robot With Endless Desire - For Water

Youngwoong Jang is a Korean student filmmaker whose short "Mirage," about a tiny cyborg who needs a drop of water to survive, is one of the most beautiful examples you'll see of CGI as art. » 7/01/09 3:56pm 7/01/09 3:56pm