Why is everybody obsessed with Snow White right now?

Everybody wants a piece of Snow White this year. We've got two movies that retell the iconic fairy tale this season — Mirror, Mirror (released last week) and Snow White and the Huntsman (coming in June). Hit TV series Once Upon a Time centers on an updated version of the Snow White story. Another TV series, based on… »4/06/12 11:25am4/06/12 11:25am

Mirror Mirror: Better Than Its Awful Trailers, But Still Garbage

We've all seen the campy trailers for Mirror Mirror, featuring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. The TV spots, in particular, have looked kind of embarrassing, full of "little people" pot shots and dated gags. But the actual movie? Is surprisingly fun, even if none of the characters is developed beyond the hemlines of… »3/30/12 4:34pm3/30/12 4:34pm

Watch Tarsem Singh's beautiful, Bollywood channeling dance-off in Mirror Mirror

We've always suspected that Tarsem Singh's take on Snow White would end in a great big colorful joygasm. Behold the variegated explosion in these five clips from Mirror Mirror, including a rollicking remix of Googoosh's "I Believe in Love!" This fairy tale just looks ridiculously fun. Mirror Mirror will hit theaters… »3/13/12 10:00am3/13/12 10:00am

40 images display the technicolor lunacy of Mirror Mirror

Even though though the slapsticky Snow White flick Mirror Mirror reminds us more of Singing In The Rain's out of sync "Dueling Cavalier" than a dark fairy tale, we're still completely enthralled by the costumes and bright color palette. Just check out this new collection of gorgeous stills from the set. Let's hope… »3/01/12 7:40pm3/01/12 7:40pm

Will Harrison Ford really appear in the new Blade Runner movie?

Check out our first proper look at Rufus Sewell as a vampire in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and find out why Lincoln hates vamps. A producer sets the record straight about Ridley Scott's Blade Runner follow-up. The Wolverine sets a release date. Karen Gillan discusses her Doctor Who departure. Plus the single… »2/08/12 9:00am2/08/12 9:00am

F—k Yes to Snow White's Ridiculous Swan Dress In this new Mirror Mirror featurette!

We were all aboard the Snow White and the Huntsman's brand of dark fantasy, laced with Willow-esque fantasies and actually evil Queens. Then we saw this new featurette for the other Snow White flick, the campy Mirror Mirror — in which little Snow White runs around in a swan dress. With a swan head. Fuck, and yes. The… »1/25/12 7:40pm1/25/12 7:40pm

Watch Julia Roberts go full Schlockula Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh's Snow White movie trailer

Last week, we showed you the gothic trailer for the dark fantasy Snow White movie — now take a look at a fairytale trailer that's the exact opposite. Watch Tarsem Singh's ridiculous Mirror Mirror! and behold Julia Roberts as she splashes about in a Olympic-sized pool of cheese wizzy slapstick and Scarface jokes. »11/15/11 6:50pm11/15/11 6:50pm