Here Are Three Variations On A Classic Puzzle – Can You Solve Them All?

I've always enjoyed water-distribution puzzles. They are simple in structure and usually straightforwardly posed, but their plain presentation belies their challenging nature. Here are three classic variations on the theme to wrap your head around. » 1/11/15 1:00pm 1/11/15 1:00pm

How Much Of Yourself Can You See In A Mirror?

This week's puzzle is a practical one; you can solve it with pen and paper, but it's a lot more fun to try this real-world phenomenon for yourself. » 1/04/15 12:00pm 1/04/15 12:00pm

Voodoo, superhuman criminals, and Elektra with absurd firearms run this…

Welcome back to Comics We Crave, where we take a look at the various readable wares that will be hitting your spinner rack tomorrow. And as you can see above, Mark Millar is back. » 3/20/12 12:10pm 3/20/12 12:10pm

In 2006, an Italian village was forced to build an artificial Sun

Between November 11 and February 2, the northern Italian village of Viganella is thrust into darkness. Because of this tiny town's location at the bottom of a valley, the tall Alpine mountains blot out the Sun for approximately 83 days. For centuries, villagers endured winters of unrelenting shade. » 3/02/12 8:05am 3/02/12 8:05am