Mission Impossible 5 Will Restore Your Faith In Tentpole Action Movies

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation starts off on another level. Literally. In the first scene of the film, Tom Cruise runs from the ground and flies through the sky on the side of an airplane. It’s the film’s way of screaming at the audience, “You are in for a fucking crazy ride.” And then, it delivers. »7/31/15 11:21am7/31/15 11:21am


Hints From Terminator Genisys' Big Fight And A Key Game Of Thrones Scene

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Crazy Rumor: Is Avengers 3 Going to Be Split Into Two Movies?

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Roland Emmerich updates us on ID4 2, Singularity and (gulp) Foundation

James Gunn addresses some (but definitely not all) of the Guardians of the Galaxy casting rumors. Brian K. Vaughan previews Under the Dome season two. Check out a Carrie TV spot. Producer Andrew Kreisberg looks ahead to the new season of Arrow. Plus Supernatural, American Horror Story, and more. Spoilers ahoy! »9/18/13 9:00am9/18/13 9:00am

Christopher Nolan reveals why Man of Steel is a whole new Superman!

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