The Mississippi Girl "Cured" of HIV Was Not Actually Cured

In March, 2013, doctors reported that a Mississippi-born child treated early and aggressively for HIV had been effectively cured of the virus. Now, the child's doctors say the infection has returned. » 7/10/14 2:43pm 7/10/14 2:43pm

Doctors have cured a baby with HIV — here's what comes next

Yesterday, doctors announced that a Mississippi-born child, now two and half years old, has been effectively cured of HIV. If confirmed, this unprecedented case will be remembered as one of modern medicine's most groundbreaking achievements — but what do we do now? With over 300,000 HIV+ children born every year,… » 3/04/13 12:02pm 3/04/13 12:02pm

Can you guess the subject of this photograph?

If you said "blood vessels" or "bronchi" you'd be wrong, but those would both be very good guesses. There's a reason this false-colour image of the Mississippi Delta — photographed by Japan's Advanced Land Observing Satellite — bears such a striking resemblance to ramifying vasculature; as Unpopular Science explains,… » 1/04/13 1:43pm 1/04/13 1:43pm

More than 55 out of every 100 Mississippi voters agree: fertilized eggs…

Yesterday afternoon, voters in Mississippi took to the polls to vote on Initiative 26 — aka "the Personhood amendment." The ballot measure proposed to amend the state's constitution to redefine "person" to mean "every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the equivalent thereof." If approved, the… » 11/09/11 6:30am 11/09/11 6:30am

A gorgeous map of the many twisting paths taken by the Mississippi River

Feast your eyes on this stunning map of the Lower Mississippi's evolving floodplains, lifted from cartographer Harold Fisk's 1944 report, Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River. » 10/06/11 4:40pm 10/06/11 4:40pm

Yearning For Serene Flying Paddleboats

A lot of sci fi concept art has a tendency to be spiky and sharp looking, and you'll usually see enough spires and knife-edged towers to populate an entire world with if you flip through a book of book of alien artwork. That's why artist Ryan Church's floating paddleboat here looks serene and peaceful. You could just… » 12/19/07 10:45am 12/19/07 10:45am