Freshwater Is Pouring Out Of Alaska Faster Than The Mississippi River

Scientists have verified that the rate of freshwater being released into the Gulf of Alaska is approximately 1.5 times the amount being dumped by the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico each year. Disturbingly, half of this water is coming from the melting of glaciers and snow. » 2/23/15 11:30am 2/23/15 11:30am

A gorgeous map of the many twisting paths taken by the Mississippi River

Feast your eyes on this stunning map of the Lower Mississippi's evolving floodplains, lifted from cartographer Harold Fisk's 1944 report, Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River. » 10/06/11 4:40pm 10/06/11 4:40pm

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created a 200-acre, scale model…

In 1936, after nearly two decades of devastating floods in the Mississippi River Basin, Congress passed the Flood Control Act, which funneled over $300 million into dams and other projects that engineers hoped would prevent millions from losing their homes in the next flood. But even this dramatic injection of cash… » 7/08/11 1:26pm 7/08/11 1:26pm

First Look at the Future of the New Orleans Waterfront

A team of architecture firms has released the first sketches of plans to rebuild the New Orleans waterfront. (Final plans will be announced in February.) They include developing trails and buildings a four mile stretch along the Mississippi River, giving people more access to the water and views of its serpentine… » 12/19/07 1:00pm 12/19/07 1:00pm