Writers: Please Don't Take The Easy Way Out Of ​Controversy

On 14/1, issue #38 of the current Batgirl run will be released for retail. However, for anyone who pays even the slightest amount of attention to comic book news or is a fan of the character, the previous issue had a massive ton of controversy due to its transphobic material. » 1/12/15 4:09pm 1/12/15 4:09pm

When it comes to calculating pi, two wrongs might make a right

A great deal of time has been spent working out the facts about pi. At one point, the "facts" were wrong. And a mathematician caught the error by using something that, well, might also be wrong. » 1/27/14 1:24pm 1/27/14 1:24pm

​The 8 Worst Mistakes Made by the Allies During World War II

Hindsight is 20/20, especially when it comes to second guessing the harrowing decisions that have to be made during wartime. But sometimes we have to be critical, if we hope to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. With that in mind, here are the most egregious blunders made by the Western Allies during the Second… » 11/27/13 10:10am 11/27/13 10:10am

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What Are the Worst Technological Innovations of All Time?

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Fans Come Down On New Moon's 22 (And Counting) Mistakes

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