Reminder: Gold Farmers Are People, Too

The vast majority of people playing a big-deal MMO probably view it as an escape, something to do when not clocking in on the chores of daily life. Yeah, folks make friends and fall in love dressed in avatar skin but most players don't need it to survive. Some of them, however, do need to play a game to make rent or… » 1/23/14 4:16pm 1/23/14 4:16pm

Your Space Battles Shaped The Stories In The New EVE Online Comic Book

EVE Online is known for being a video game universe where players come first. Their alliances, decisions and protests change the shape of the fictional galaxy and the huge multiplayer game it lives in. And starting next year, the player-driven sagas of CCP’s hit MMO will be providing the fuel for a new comic-book… » 10/10/13 4:03pm 10/10/13 4:03pm

Ro Laren Comes To Deep Space Nine At Last

The last couple of seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation seemed to be leading up to showing Ensign Ro Laren joining the crew of Deep Space Nine, orbiting her homeworld of Bajor. So I was sad when Michelle Forbes turned down the DS9 role. But now at last, Ro has found her rightful place on the former Terok Nor —… » 12/07/08 12:30pm 12/07/08 12:30pm