Watch Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Moby, and Stephin Merritt sing Rocky…

Wow, it's all our favorite people singing our favorite song. While on Craig Ferguson's show, this amazing quartet made up of our favorite author, a Dresden Doll, part of The Magnetic Fields, and Moby sang "Science Fiction Double Feature" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Try not to pass out. » 11/02/11 9:30am 11/02/11 9:30am

The Rock Stars Align for Vampire Comedy "Suck"

Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, and Moby come out to play in the first trailer for vampire comedy Suck, about a struggling rock band that finds vampirism might be their ticket to the top of the charts. » 8/13/09 4:13pm 8/13/09 4:13pm

Moby And His Mutant Breakdancing Octopus

The music video for Moby's "I Love to Move In Here," from Mute Records features the usual New York city night life. There's a club, lights, infamous drag queen Lady Bunny and a mutated sea creature disguised as a tiny, glowing man. It's from Moby's new album Last Night. » 5/15/08 3:33pm 5/15/08 3:33pm