After deafness is cured, what happens to the people who remain deaf?

Shot in the style of a documentary, The End follows four deaf children through their lives into an imagined future, as some decide to undergo treatment for deafness while others refuse it. But as the number of deaf people dwindles, what happens to the those who gradually find themselves without a culture? »2/05/14 12:00am2/05/14 12:00am

15 Scifi Mockumentaries That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

Yes, we're still disappointed that we didn't get a World War Z mockumentary. After all, science fiction and horror lend themselves quite well to the faux-documentary format. So we're kicking back with 15 speculative mockumentaries, from a silly Star Wars lark to an earnest look at Britain on the eve of nuclear war. »6/30/13 10:00am6/30/13 10:00am

Wacky Wreck-It Ralph mockumentary tracks the fall and rise of the Fix-It Felix Jr. world champion

To promote the release of Wreck-It Ralph on Blu-Ray and DVD, Disney released this oddball mockumentary parodying the Donkey Kong high score documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Wreck-It Ralph director takes on the role of faux interviewer for Garlan Hulse: Where Potential Lives. The titular Garlan… »3/09/13 10:30am3/09/13 10:30am

What if that screaming conspiracy theorist on the corner was right?

The trailer for mockumentary The Conspiracy follows the crazy old guy you see on the streets, screaming wild ideas at the skyscrapers. But what if the funny people with the cardboard signs were right? The trailer for The Conspiracy follows around one man who has the right idea, after he sucks a team of filmmakers… »9/17/12 8:50pm9/17/12 8:50pm

Ghosts With Shit Jobs, a mockumentary about the crap gigs of 2040 AD

In the upcoming faux documentary Ghosts With Shit Jobs, the West has been in a state of financial ruin for decades, and the indigenous North Americas (or "ghosts") are outsourced labor for China and India. What forms of employment are available? Among several careers, living spambot, robot baby technician, and silk… »9/11/11 4:00pm9/11/11 4:00pm

Watch the entire lost Galaxy Quest mockumentary special now

The long lost Galaxy Quest mockumentary "GalaxyQuest: 20th Anniversary The Journey Continues," has finally been uploaded online! Watch the "original" Galaxy Quest footage right now, and enjoy plenty of new dour moments from Alexander Dane (Dr. Lazarus). It's pretty amazing how GQ has stood the test of time. To this… »2/04/11 1:00pm2/04/11 1:00pm

A preview for Blackstar Warrior, the "lost" Star Wars film starring Lando Calrissian

Here's the trailer for Blackstar Warrior, a mysterious blaxploitation-inspired Lando film that never hit theaters. The teaser includes sexy Stormtroopers and a funky soundtrack perfect for cruising down the Kessel Run. Also, watch the hilariously straight-faced mockumentary about the project. »8/08/10 2:37pm8/08/10 2:37pm