Who created this anatomically accurate model of a severed pirate head?

London's Science Museum has this plaster model, supposedly depicting the head of an executed Chinese Yangstze river pirate, in its collection. But what was the purpose behind creating the model, which depicts the blood vessels, trachea, esophagus, and severed spine? The pictures below are rather gruesomely detailed. » 4/27/13 9:30am 4/27/13 9:30am

This LEGO Hogwarts includes everything from Snape's classroom to the Chamber of Secrets

Alice Finch's 400,000-brick LEGO Hogwarts would be impressive enough if she had built just the outside of the grand magical school. But inside, her Hogwarts is even more glorious, containing the rooms and passages Harry Potter traveled in his school days, from the Hogwarts kitchen to the Room of Requirement, creating… » 2/26/13 12:00pm 2/26/13 12:00pm

Is Manekin Robotto America’s Next Top Model?

Click to viewAdd fashion models to the list of professionals who could find themselves replaced by robots in the workplace. The Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology has introduced Manekin Robotto, a programmable robot designed to tread the catwalk. After the jump, we examine how this mechanical model stacks up… » 7/06/08 12:00pm 7/06/08 12:00pm