Meet the real people who loaned their faces to Archer's goofy spies

In order to get the wonderful range of physical expressiveness we see in each episode of Archer, the animation team took thousands of photos of real people who would serve as models for the two-dimensional characters. And there are some interesting stories about the faces behind the faces—and why the production team… » 2/09/13 9:30am 2/09/13 9:30am

Man builds 19-foot-tall model of Apollo 11 out of 120,000 LEGO bricks

Every now and again the internet has the capacity to blow our dinky craniums to smithereens — this happens to be one of those moments. Some unplaceable Herculean conviction drove LEGO architect Ryan McNaught to build a 5.76-meter-tall recreation of the Saturn V rocket used for Apollo 11 out of 120,000 plastic bricks. » 1/12/12 9:20pm 1/12/12 9:20pm

The biggest Serenity model ever built has been unearthed (UPDATED)

Famous movie spaceships can have a rough time once the camera stops rolling. For instance, the Nostromo from Alien was discovered with a dead possum inside. The eponymous spaceship from Serenity had been consigned to a similarly undistinguished fate...until recently. » 1/03/12 6:35am 1/03/12 6:35am