Unusual Land Temperatures Reveal A Winter Of Stark Contrasts

If last month's weather seemed a bit off to you, you're right. Depending on which half of North America you dwell, February was characterized by either bitter cold and winter storms, or unusually warm temperatures. This new map from NASA shows just how anomalous β€” and divided β€” our current winter has been. » 3/10/15 7:20am 3/10/15 7:20am

This is why you're hot

The US has entered the 34th day of a crippling heat wave, with no sign of relief in sight. According to the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), July's broiling temperatures affected close to 200 million Americans, and set 2,755 daily-high records across the country β€” including at least one record in every state. » 8/05/11 5:31pm 8/05/11 5:31pm

Most Detailed Image Of Our Planet Ever, Now Brought To Life As An…

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center used satellite data to stitch together detailed scans of every square kilometer of the planet. And now, they just released an animated version of our spinning globe. » 3/03/10 12:00pm 3/03/10 12:00pm