How a major ingredient in KY Jelly could help you lose weight

Methylcellulose is a pretty common additive in all sorts of food items and cosmetics. You've probably eaten it in the last few days in ice cream (and it's also has some insane applications in molecular gastronomy, and is a major ingredient in KY jelly). But by tweaking it slightly, it could become the "magic bullet"… » 8/21/12 1:20pm 8/21/12 1:20pm

Raspberries and Liquid Nitrogen Create Cocaine-Style Dessert

In a Brussels restaurant, this chef dipped raspberries in liquid nitrogen, fished them out, then chopped them into fruity cocaine on a flash-frozen piece of wood. Fans of sweetness and molecular gastronomy consumed the confection by sucking it through frozen glass straws. » 11/21/07 8:30am 11/21/07 8:30am