The First Images of Molecules Breaking and Reforming Chemical Bonds

Microscopy is advancing in leaps and bounds these days. It was just last week that scientists produced the first image of a hydrogen atom’s orbital structure. Not to be outdone, Berkeley chemists have now captured a series of images showing molecules as they break and reform their chemical bonds. It looks almost...… »5/31/13 2:48pm5/31/13 2:48pm

The "ultimate" building blocks of life have been found in interstellar space

The building blocks of life could have their beginnings in the tiny icy grains that make up the gas and dust found between the stars, and those icy grains could be the key to understanding how life can arise on planets. With help from students, researchers have discovered an important pair of prebiotic molecules in… »3/01/13 12:40pm3/01/13 12:40pm

The molecule "arsole" is named for exactly what you imagine it is

Science yields many rewards. There's the awed hush at nerd cocktail parties when you mention what you do, the sweet smell of urea in the morning, and the ability to name, or nickname, the things that you discover. Plenty of people name things after themselves. Some name them after their personal heroes, or their… »9/06/11 11:20am9/06/11 11:20am