This flamboyant creature is half mollusk, half discotheque

Meet Ctenoides ales, a bivalve that also goes by the names "electric flame scallop" and "fire clam." This invertebrate — which can be found off the coast of the Pacific Rim around Indonesia and Japan — manipulates the highly reflective tissue on its mantle in a wave-like motion, which gives the impression that an… »4/23/12 9:45am4/23/12 9:45am

The cone snail's eating habits will give you nightmares for the rest of your days

You may know that marine cone snails are some of the most comically toxic creatures on the planet. But have you ever seen one of these mollusks feed? Even though there's no way one of these tiny creatures would be able to devour the human body, watching them chow down makes one prefer the neurotoxins. »12/31/11 5:40pm12/31/11 5:40pm

And now, three minutes of Flamboyant Cuttlefishes resembling acid trips

If you don't have tickets to Laser Floyd at your neighborhood planetarium tonight, just watch 199 seconds of Metasepia pfefferi — a.k.a. Pfeffer's Flamboyant Cuttlefish — creating its own variegated light show. Some of you may tempted to lick these creatures and pop on some Jethro Tull, but that's not the best idea,… »11/19/11 6:45pm11/19/11 6:45pm