Worst television versions of science fiction and fantasy books

The Walking Dead carried all our dreams on its undead shoulders. We're all hoping HBO's Game of Thrones will also rule. But sadly, television has an even worse record of adapting books than movies. Here are 10 book-to-television embarrassments. » 11/01/10 3:34pm 11/01/10 3:34pm

6 upcoming movie prequels, and why they might not suck

We caught our first glimpse of The Thing's creepy Arctic horror this past weekend. But it's just one of a half-dozen movie prequels in the pipeline. Past experience shows many of these prequels may suck. Here's your prequel suckitude forecast. » 10/11/10 3:20pm 10/11/10 3:20pm

Most misleading and fanciful science fiction/fantasy movie posters…

Movies carry us away to fantastical worlds, but the journey begins with super-vivid poster-art. The best movie posters are an art-form all their own... but sometimes, it's the art of deception. Here are the most misleading posters of all time. » 9/13/10 4:19pm 9/13/10 4:19pm

The terrible hallmarks of toy-driven movie-making

It's been 30 years since Gary Kurtz and George Lucas split because Lucas wanted toys to dictate the storytelling in Star Wars. Since then, toy-driven movie-making has gone way beyond Lucas' grubbiest dreams. Here are the hallmarks of toy-centric storytelling. » 8/16/10 3:52pm 8/16/10 3:52pm

Good Character Development Includes The All-Important "F*@% Yeah" Moment

What makes you invest in a character? Is it when you understand their motivations, or glimpse their all-too-human foibles? When they have rich, multi-layered relationships? Sure, those things all help. But what really helps is the all-important "f*@% yeah" moment. » 3/29/10 6:18pm 3/29/10 6:18pm

A Villain Who Can't Kill The Hero Is The Worst Kind Of Asshat

Villains: They're crazed, they're flamboyant, and they're the smoggy, sparking engine that keeps many a story chugging along. Except that a villain who can't kill the hero for some contrived reason is worse than having your hero fight global illiteracy. » 3/01/10 5:30pm 3/01/10 5:30pm

The Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time. Really.

In the past decade, the superhero has strode across our screens like a spandex-clad collossus, beating most other genres. The rise of superhero flicks has brought with it a flood of cinematic sewage, and here are the absolute worst. » 2/01/10 4:30pm 2/01/10 4:30pm